Rino Barillari Exhibition 
The exhibition 40 scatti della mia Dolce Vita, Rino Barillari (40 shots of my Dolce Vita, Rino Barillari) showcased the work of Italian photographer Rino Barillari, known as the ‘King of Paparazzi’, who captured the essence of La Dolce Vita in Rome, in the fifties and sixties. Visitors were taken on a journey with photographs placed around Castel Romano Designer Outlet to remember the glorious days of Rome as the capital of fashion and film sets.
I led the design of the exhibition’s visual identity, including the catalogue and brochure, from concept to production. I worked closely with the Italian regional team in the planning of the exhibition and collaborated with an external agency responsible of designing the display structures. 
Client: McArthurGlen
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