In-Between Places
The project comments on today city regeneration and its effects on people’s behaviours, offering new insights on the relation between city dwellers and the contemporary urban landscape. Drawing upon the theory of non-places by the French anthropologist Marc Augè, it wishes to challenge the transient nature of contemporary urban realities, which are transforming everyday experiences in fleeting and meaningless activities. 
The project proposes a new interpretation of non-places by considering the act of walking as a mean to let people intervene in a place, ultimately transforming it. This idea is based on the concept of human tactics introduced by Michel de Certeau in his influential book The Practice of Everyday Life.
MA Final Major Project | London College of Communication, UAL
Video installation

The video installation, In-Between Places, invites people to reflect on their role within the urban environment. The documentation of an ordinary day of city life in London is altered through the use of visual strategies to create an imaginary landscape where the transitory passage of people leaves traces in space. Visually suggestive, the traces function as a metaphor to highlight the transformative potential of the act of walking. The balance between real word footages and abstract reproductions creates a new visual structure offering an inward interpretation of the city space. ​​​​​​​
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