Bridgestone. Chase Your Dream, No Matter What.
The campaign Chase Your Dream, No Matter What was developed for Bridgestone’s pan European Olympic sponsorship and rolled-out in 7 markets in the UK, Europe and South Africa. Bridgestone teamed up with 19 Olympians who had overcome huge setbacks in life. By telling their extraordinary story of human struggle, they inspire every person to achieve their goals. 
I worked for two years on this always-on campaign, collaborating with designers and art directors, and  played a key role in the launch of the campaign in Poland in 2018. I was responsible for creating content for different campaign touchpoints including print, OOH, digital assets for website and social media and ambassador’s uniforms. I collaborated with the marketing team in the development of live events and experiences, assisting with the space design, the event planning and the user experience process.
This award-winning campaign delivered astonishing levels of connection with consumer and, in just 12 months, improved brand perceptions by 37%, delivered an 11% increase in purchase intent across Europe, and a brand I love increase by 21%. (Source: Bridgestone brand tracker Q1 to Q3 2018.)
Client: Bridgestone | Agency: WeAreFearless
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